Creating Harmonious Relations With Our Animals.

Using a Professional Animal Care Provider has benefits for you and your pets.

For your pets, it offers the comfort of their own home. It eliminates any stress they might have of traveling or any anxiety that might occur being in an unknown environment. Being in their own surroundings with familiar smells gives them sense of security. It offers you, peace of mind. Knowing your pets are in the safety of their own home, being cared for by a professional, responsible animal care priovider. You don't have to worry about imposing on your neighbors, family or friends.

Meet Maggie

I'm originally from SoCal. I've lived in NorCal since 2000. I currently live in Benicia with a pack of five of my own, 4 dogs and a cat. Khloe, Chaka, Scruffy, Buster and Tigger.

For fun I love to hop on my motorcycle and enjoy whatever comes my way. My latest dream come true, getting familiar with horses.

I trained with NAPPS (National Assoc of Professional Petsitters). Currently I'm a member of PSA (Pet Sitters Assoc). I am Animal Reiki 1 Certified through Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Source.

I've been offering animal care services for Benicia, Vallejo and American Canyon, since 2006. Being an Animal Care Provider is a passion of mine. My love for animals is reciprocated 10 fold. This bond is one that just keeps growing stronger!

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