We love Harmony Animal Services! They take such good care of our dogs, Duke and Ranger! They are rescue dogs that have trust issues and they take such good care of them when we are away that we do not worry at all. We highly recommend them to everyone even if you have high maintenance pets! They love your pets as much as you do!
Paul & Deb Nelson

Duke & Ranger

Maggie is a perfect pet-sitter! Not only is she dependable and trustworthy, she's a natural animal lover! We know that when we're out of town, our elderly Lab and our two rambunctious cats will be fed AND attended to with genuine care. Maggie never misses a detail. She has given medication to our pets when needed, and always delivers that extra gentle touch. She has provided us with peace of mind for more than six years, and we hope to continue our relationship for many years to come.
Rob & Carolyn Plath

Uma & JJUma & JJ

Maggie Buendia of Harmony Animal Services has done an excellent job with my cat, Bella. When I have to go away I rely on Maggie to care for Bella. Maggie comes to my home, feeds and plays with Bella giving her the attention she needs. Maggie is completely reliable, ethical and trustworthy. My cat loves Maggie and looks forward to her friendly visits. I have complete confidence in Maggie knowing that my cat is in good hands. I can't thank Maggie enough for being there for my pet.
Yours truly, Laura Bondonno

Bella Kitty

In the weeks leading up to the passing of my beloved companion Bella we called on the services of Maggie Buendia from Harmony Animals. In 2013 Bella underwent chemo for canine lymphoma and had been in remission for almost a year. While in remission she was on Prednizone, a pretty harsh medication for an elderly dog.

During the last stages of her life the ministrations of Maggie's healing energies made a big impact on Bella's comfort. We noticed that after Maggie's visits Bella was more alert and had a noticeable increase in her energy level. She would wag her tail and greet Maggie as if she were a pup again.

It is with profound gratitude that I write this testament to the healing powers that emanate from Maggie's unconditional love and grace. I am certain that Bella was able to live pain free for several weeks longer than expected by our vet. On her last visit with Bella it was a huge comfort to see the interaction between the two of them. Bella rests peacefully now and I am forever in debt to Maggie for giving us just a little more time with Bella..
Shelee Loughmiller


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